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ad tempus

at the right time

since 1997


The co-founders of ad tempus · consulting (from left): Andreas Pulver, Manfred Pieper und Klaus M. Weber

About Us


ad tempus · consulting was founded in Frankfurt in 1997. We have deliberately chosen the term ‘Company for Corporate Management’ to underline that we focus on implementation.


In addition to consulting experience, we have many years of management experience. We regard our task as showing clients what is feasible and then implementing it while burdening the organisation as little as possible. We attach great importance to involving the company’s employees in order to stabilise the changes in the long term. Our goal is to increase sustainably the profitability and competitiveness of our clients.


We are convinced that due to the different tasks facing companies, a standardised approach cannot lead to the desired goals. Everything depends on the ability and skill of the people involved. Since we concentrate on the essential problems right from the start, we are also able to achieve robust results within a short time.

Our guiding principle:

"Crises are handled best, if you anticipate them."
(Walt Whitmann Rostow)

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